Endodontic therapy (root canal treatment)​

Endodontic (root canal) treatment consists of removing the inflamed pulp from the tooth chamber and its canals and thoroughly cleaning them, as well as supplementing the cavities.

Endodontics is used in case of caries complicated by inflammation, necrosis or gangrene (decay) of the dental pulp, in situations when conservative treatment is no longer sufficient. It is often the only and last chance to save a tooth.

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Our dentists make every effort to ensure that the entire process of root canal treatment is effective and efficient and that the canals are well cleaned and tightly filled. For this purpose, our dentists use, among other things, an endometer, which allows precise measurement of the length of the tooth canal, and the correctness of the endodontic treatment is confirmed on site by taking an X-ray photo. Endodontics requires extreme precision and accuracy, so it is worthwhile to visit an experienced dentist with a problem requiring this type of treatment.

It happens that the root has a very complex structure, is curved, very branched. In such cases we perform root canal treatment under the microscope, which magnifies and perfectly illuminates the field to work. Endodontic microscopes help the dentist to get to know the inside of the tooth chamber precisely and to assess the length and shape of the canal. This allows to avoid mistakes during treatment and to bypass possible obstacles as well as to locate all damages.

We deal with the most complicated procedures in the field of endodontics, i.e. removing broken tools, closing perforations, finding additional canals, treating teeth with very curved, narrow canals.

We also undertake secondary root canal treatment in cases of presence of small periapical lesions around the roots. This treatment consists of re-cleaning the canals, applying ozone to eliminate bacteria around the tooth root and re-filling the canal.