Prophylaxis is the most effective solution to maintain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile for many years.

Prophylaxis is intended to prevent the development of tooth and periodontium (tissues surrounding the teeth) diseases.

Orto-Dent offers professional hygienic procedures:

  • professional removing of tartar and sub-gingival plaque (scaling),
  • removal of plaque and discolouring using a sandblaster (sandblasting),
  • removal of any overhangs and sites of bacterial plaque retention (e.g. old overhanging filling),
  • fluoride therapy using concentrated fluoride preparations,
  • instruction in oral hygiene covering proper tooth brushing
    techniques, selecting the best toothbrush, dental floss and any other
    oral hygiene devices,
  • pit and fissure sealing – filling in of pits and fissures in healthy teeth to protect them against caries.

Prophylactic activities and regular check-ups will protect you from unnecessary expenses and complex treatment!