Modern and friendly dental office

We represent the highest level of medical services, and all dental treatments take place in comfortable, friendly conditions. This ensures better results of each treatment and significantly affects the well-being and satisfaction of patients.

City Dent dental office

Over 25 years of experience

CITY DENT Dental Center has been in business since 1997. It was founded by Dr Zofia Cecherz, a specialist in orthodontics and general dentistry. During this period the office was acquiring dentists from various fields and was expanding its offer. Our goal was to provide the patient with a full range of services in one place. Below we present our current team.

New to orthodontics is the Invisalign system, and a new area that complements dental services is aesthetic medicine.

Our distinctive features include:

Our priority is patient satisfaction during treatment and with final treatment outcomes.

Our team

Zofia Cecherz​

Doctor of Medicine, second degree course in orthodontics; orthopaedic and orthodontic therapy

Renata Bednarz

Doctor of Medicine, general dentistry specialist; conservative dentistry, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry

Elżbieta Czelej-Piszcz

Doctor of Medicine, prosthetics, veneers, crowns, bridges

Piotr Koliński

Doctor of Medicine, specialist in dental surgery, implantologist

Jarosław Krzaczek

specialist in conservative dentistry with endodontics

Monika Pawłowska-Rut

dentist; conservative dentistry, endodontics, prosthetics

Małgorzata Pieszczoch

Doctor of Medicine, specialist in periodontology, periodontal diseases

Karolina Polak-Kowalska

dentist; conservative dentistry. endodontics, cosmetic dentistry

Katarzyna Portka

dentist; conservative dentistry, endodontics, aesthetic dentistry

Halina Robak-Syska

D., specialist in periodontology, periodontal diseases

Daniel Sajdłowski

specialist in dental surgery

Dorota Karaszewska

Magda Kucharzyk

Paulina Paź

Karolina Greczkowska