Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is important first of all for health and comfort of life. Of course, it also results in an improved image and aesthetics of the smile, but from the medical point of view, it is not the only effect we want to achieve together.

At City Dent we deal with the treatment of malocclusion and the correction of jaw and jaw misalignment in both adult and child patients. We are a place where our orthodontists prepare individual solutions for each patient, taking into account the malocclusion, its severity, age, para-function or aesthetic expectations.

A cured bite effectively minimises the occurrence of periodontal diseases (such as periodontosis), and straight teeth are easier to clean. This prevents the development of caries or unpleasant odour from the oral cavity.

Orthodontic treatment consists of several phases:

  • assessment of the type of malocclusion, condition of the teeth, muscles and bones
  • recognition of the problem and the patient’s needs
  • radiological diagnostics (pantomogrtam and cephalometry) and diagnostic models
  • preparation and discussion of a treatment plan, selection of the type of braces from among removable, fixed ones and Invisalign or Clear Aligner overlays.
  • preparation of the dentition for the braces fitting, i.e. treatment of cavities, hygienization procedure;
  • depending on the type of braces: fitting of fixed braces (sticking the brackets in and fitting the working elements of the braces, i.e. the orthodontic arch);giving back the set of Invisalign/Clear Aligner brackets or fitting removable braces
  • information on hygiene rules, instructions on how to clean teeth in fixed braces and dietary recommendations (e.g. not to eat products that could damage the braces – nuts, chewing gum, etc.), recommendations for the care of removable braces or overlays.
  • checking the correct course of treatment
  • providing additional recommendations
  • in the case of Invisalign overlays, transfer of further sets
  • completion of active treatment (e.g. removal of fixed appliances)
  • radiological diagnostics
  • hygienization instructions
  • donation of retention braces or permanent retention, i.e. bonding of a part of teeth;
  • check-ups according to the schedule

As we know, nature, despite all its ingenuity, is not perfect. Tooth defects occur in around 75% of the population, and living with them often causes other, sometimes long-term, health problems. This is why the doctors at City Dent strongly encourage you to examine your teeth for alignment and see if there is a need for correction. Sometimes we don’t realise that something is wrong with our teeth and we are not aware that we can improve our health and comfort of life with specialist orthodontic care. We encourage you to make an appointment with one of City Dent’s doctors and receive professional advice and medical care of the highest quality.