Prosthetic dentistry

Prosthodontics focuses on replacing missing or missing teeth. Treatments in this field are aimed at restoring the normal functions of chewing and improving the aesthetics of dentition after the loss of teeth or after their massive damage.

Neglected and untreated cavities may result in the loss of more teeth and abnormalities in the temporomandibular joints.

Types of prosthetic restorations

We offer a wide range of prosthodontic services that use the extensive knowledge and skills of our dentists and the highest quality equipment to effectively restore or supplement your teeth.

By using our prosthetics services you gain the possibility to rebuild your teeth, which significantly affects the appearance, well-being, but most of all – health.

Prosthetic restorations may be permanent (non-removable from the mouth) or removable (removable). There are also combined prosthetic restorations, e.g. removable prostheses combined with fixed ones by means of bolts, clasps or telescopic crowns. Our dentist’s office provides, among others

  • permanent restorations (crowns, bridges, crowns on implants) made on traditional metal alloys and gold,
  • full ceramic veneers (highly aesthetic restorations which save the tissues of their own teeth),
  • permanent all-ceramic restorations (crowns on zirconium oxide framework),
  • onlays, inlays, overlays (all-ceramic or composite fillings made in a lab),
  • root-crown inlays (made of glass fibre, titanium, zirconium),
  • removable restorations (dentures, skeletal dentures, flexible dentures),
  • combinations of fixed and removable restorations (restoring full arches of teeth) connected by clasps or bolts.

Regardless of the method chosen, our dentists care about the comfort and safety of each patient. The treatment plan is adapted individually to the case, taking into account the determining factors.

We also deal with implantology, which is a permanent solution – by fusing implants with bone tissue.