Invisible orthodontics - Invisalign®

If you want a healthy, correct bite but don’t want to wear fixed orthodontic braces that require brackets and arches, choose Invisalign.

Aparat Invisalign Lublin

Invisalign is an effective yet discreet method.

Invisalign orthodontic trays are transparent, individually designed and perfectly fitted to your teeth thanks to 3D printing. After an initial examination by the orthodontist, a set of your trays is prepared using computer techniques. The trays are made of special plastic. The patient wears subsequent overlays in accordance with the received treatment schedule. The effects of treatment are at least the same as in case of treatment by means of classic braces. You will know the treatment time and the planned result even before the first onlay is fitted. 

Advantages of Invisalign treatment

  • time – shorter treatment time than with traditional braces
  • aesthetics and discretion – the brackets are almost invisible on your teeth
  • convenience – overlays can be taken off and put on at any time
  • comfort – minimal pain and irritation in the oral cavity
  • safety – less force acting on your teeth
  • hygiene – you brush your teeth in the same way as always
  • health – the risk of cavities does not increase
  • time saving – fewer visits to the orthodontist
  • no diet – you can eat whatever you like (even nuts and fudge)
  • failure-free – the brackets are virtually damage-free when used correctly

¹ recommended daily wearing time is 22 hours

Aparat Invisalign Lublin
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