Dental surgery​

Dental surgery

Patients most often associate dental surgery with tooth extraction. However, current technology and knowledge make it possible not only to remove teeth but also to restore the health of teeth affected by pathological processes. Increasingly, doctors are saving a tooth rather than extracting it. Dental surgery also includes minor surgical procedures on soft tissues supporting prosthetic, orthodontic or endodontic treatment.

Each surgical procedure is preceded by an extensive patient interview, clinical examination and dental X-ray. For the sake of patient’s comfort, the dental surgeon informs him in detail about the course of the entire treatment process and its possible results.

Dental surgery - scope of services

City Dent Dental Center is a place where you can get professional and comprehensive help in the field of dental surgery. We have our own X-ray equipment, thanks to which we are able to perform effective diagnostics and plan the course of each procedure well.

A dental surgeon at City Dent performs various types of procedures, such as

  • removal of deciduous and permanent teeth,
  • removal of wisdom teeth – eights, including impacted teeth,
  • root tip resection,
  • hemisection and radectomy,
  • undercutting of the frenulum,
  • extraction of cysts,
  • plastic surgery of the oropharyngeal junction,
  • lifting of the maxillary sinus floor,

All procedures (i.e. extractions of teeth, roots, etc.) in our dental clinic are carried out under anesthesia and using modern methods.