Periodontics is a specialty that deals with the treatment of gum disease. Untreated gum disease leads to periodontitis, or parodontosis.

Symptoms of parodontosis may include:

  •     uncovering of the necks of the teeth,
  •     hypersensitivity to temperature changes,
  •     loosening of teeth,
  •     spontaneous movement of teeth,
  •     unpleasant odor from the mouth,
  •     bleeding, reddening and swelling of the gums.

Among the causes of periodontal disease are: bacteria, malocclusion, genetic disposition, stress, smoking and some diseases such as diabetes. If left untreated it may even lead to tooth loss.

Treatment of parodontosis and gum disease - offer of City Dent

Periodontist deals with complex treatment of this unpleasant and dangerous disease (periodontal disease, gingivitis, mucositis). A prerequisite for success in treating parodontosis is dealing with bacteria responsible for destroying periodontal tissues. Patients may also help themselves through proper prophylaxis and such procedures as tartar and subgingival calculus removal (scaling), teeth sandblasting, smoothing of root surfaces, and at home – thorough tooth brushing and use of dental floss and bacteria killing rinses.

City-Dent Dental Clinic provides comprehensive care to patients presenting with periodontal disease. We perform comprehensive treatment of gum disease using modern techniques. Thanks to the experience of our doctors we are able to achieve satisfactory results of treatment even in difficult cases. For patients who have lost teeth due to advanced periodontitis, we offer implants and prosthetic services.