X-ray diagnostics - pantomogram, spot radiograph​

In our office, depending on your needs, we will prepare a dental x-ray:

  •  spot – the picture covers with its range at most 4 teeth It is used for root canal treatment, diagnosis of caries and inflammation, and assessment of fillings and implants;
  •  pantomographic – a panoramic view of the entire dentition; a pantomogram allows the assessment of the general condition of teeth, arrangement of roots, location of impacted teeth and tooth pulp as well as detailed planning of the treatment/procedure.

We recommend X-ray examination to our patients as its result allows us to:

  • obtaining an accurate picture of our dentition, including tooth buds, impacted or supernumerary teeth,
  • revealing inflammatory conditions in the periapical tissues,
  •  Verification of carious lesions between teeth,
  • noticing caries under fillings that seem to be tight,
  • assessment of tissue condition before starting invasive dental treatment (implants; resection),
  • assessment of the condition of periodontal bone and the amount of bone tissue as well as allowing observation of the effects of the process of reconstruction/regeneration of lost bone,
    detailed planning of treatment.

Pantomogram; spot x-ray; dental radiograph