Our clinic offers a wide range of services related to the restoration of the original occlusion alignment after teeth loss or after substantial damage to them.

We must remember that the loss of even one tooth affects all other chewing organs. Such a loss should be filled as fast as possible, as failure to do this may lead to shifting and twisting of teeth neighbouring the gap, “prolongation” of the opposite teeth and bone atrophy. All this may result in the loss of consecutive teeth and abnormalities in temporomandibular joints.

Restorations are performed using prosthetic devices. They may be fixed (not removable from the mouth), movable (removable from the mouth) or mixed (removable dental prostheses with fillings fixed by means of bolts, snaps, locks or telescopic crowns)

Orto-Dent offers:

  • veneers (porcelain, zirconia)
  • porcelain crowns with metal, gold or zirconia inlays
  • fixed prosthetic devices (bridges and adhesive bridges)
  • removable prosthetic devices (frame dentures, full dentures)
  • teeth reconstruction using fibre glass