Our cosmetic dentistry services include all procedures intended to improve teeth and facial appearance.

This relatively new area of dentistry has emerged in response to the growing demand for a beautiful smile which often favourably contributes to patients’ wellbeing, increased self-esteem and self-confidence. Healthy, white and straight teeth are the result of applying the latest technologies, full engagement of the dentist and close co-operation with specialists from other areas of dentistry.

In order to deliver patient satisfaction from a beautiful smile, Orto-Dent offers:

- tooth whitening (various methods)

- sandblasting (removal of dental plaque)

- scaling (removing tartar and sub-gingival plaque)

- correction of jaw and face defects, and teeth alignment correction (orthodontics)

- tooth shape correction (composite materials)

- ceramic veneers

- crowns and other prosthetic devices (prosthodontics)