Conservative dentistry is concerned with prevention and treating outcomes of dental caries.

Caries involves the following signs: from unsightly white spots, to cavities in hard teeth parts, which if untreated may lead to irritation and damage of internal tissues - dental pulp, which may produce pain and eliminate masticatory functions of the teeth. In extreme cases, untreated caries may lead to tooth necrosis and have an impact on the health of the entire organism as a hidden source of infection.

Treatment of cavities formed by caries involves tooth preparation and filling the loss. We pay utmost care for our devices to comply with all functional and aesthetic requirements. We do our best to keep teeth vital for as long as it is possible. Therefore, endodontic therapy (root canal treatment) is applied only after all other methods have failed.

Our patients may be sure they will receive professional and reliable advice and assistance, irrespective of the stage of caries advancement.