Laser therapy

In dentistry, laser therapy has been mainly used in non-invasive treatment of mucosa diseases, anaesthesia and bleeding containment. Laser radiation through its sterilising properties minimizes inflammation and oedema. It stimulates skin regeneration processes. The radiation effectively reduces trismus symptoms.


  • dental pulp, sinus, dental alveolus inflammations,
  • gum, periodontium and oral mucosa diseases,
  • post-operative pain and swelling,
  • alveolus healing after tooth extraction,
  • trismus elimination,
  • pain in temporomandibular joints,
  • herpes, aphtae,
  • inflammation of salivary glands,
  • pain and swelling after mandibular fractures,
  • accelerated healing after traditional oral cavity surgery (e.g. after frenuloplasty, resection, guided bone regeneration, flap procedures, gingivectomy procedures, grafts and dental implants)