About Us

zofia cecherz

City-Dent dental clinic was established in 1997 by Zofia Cecherz, a doctor of medicine, a graduate of the second degree course in orthodontics and first degree course in general dentistry. Since that time, the clinic has significantly extended the range of its services, providing dentistry in numerous dental specialties.

Our experienced team of doctors of various specialties and highly competent dental assistants delivers comprehensive dental care. As well as providing the highest quality services, we place great emphasis on our employees to improve their qualifications and acquire new skills during courses and trainings. Also, we have been using state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality materials.

Our distinctive features include:

- individualised patient-centred approach
- comprehensive dental care
- convenient payment methods
- wireless Internet access
- air-conditioned rooms
- we are disabled people  friendly
- our own X-ray lab

Our priority is patient satisfaction during

treatment and with final treatment outcomes.




Zofia Cecherz
Doctor of medicine, second degree course in orthodontics; orthopaedic and orthodontic therapy

Renata Bednarz
Doctor of medicine, general dentistry specialist; conservative dentistry, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry

Elżbieta Czelej -Piszcz
Doctor of medicine

Katarzyna Denkiewicz
Dentist; conservative dentistry, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry

Wiesław Nieoczym
Specialist in dental surgery

Monika Pawłowska -Rut
Dentist; conservative dentistry, endodontics, prosthetic dentistry

Halina Robak-Syska
Doctor of medicine, periodontology specialist, treatment of periodontal diseases

Wojciech Świątkowski
Doctor of medicine, dental surgery specialist, implantologist

Wanda Drabik
Dental assistant

Marta Duda
Dental assistant

Izabela Palusińska
Dental assistant